Support delivery that you can be relied on. Everytime.

Unoptimized and complicated business IP phone system is one of the reasons interactions with customers is hindered.

See the interactions of any of your agents at anytime from a single window. View incoming Vs outgoing calls, queued callers, unanswered calls, busy agents, call distribution and talk time.

Listen in on agents’ conversations

Monitor agents as they are interacting with customers to ensure they are meeting their expectation and the company’s levels of service are being met.

Help the agent at any moment

If a supervisor’s aid is needed, they can barge in and provide assistance without waiting to be authorized by the agent.

Enable call-recording

Access records of past calls for evaluation purposes. Can be easily set-up from the Dashboard alongside with location of storage and timeline.

Although customers may be frustrated with wait times, it is no fault of the agent that they end up being connected to. The call centers’ refusal to opt out of their on-premise phone systems and change to that of the smooth and easily scalable cloud-based IP phone system is a determent to the organization and customer service quality.