Seamless communication for your enterprise, you won’t ever need another phone system.

We at CompanyTone understand that at this level, you need a communication solution that is about cutting costs, as well as keeping up with the continued growth you aspire to.

As your business flourishes and expands to an enterprise, your business requirements become more specific, and the phone solutions that worked at the company’s infancy will no longer suffice.

CompanyTone will be your one-stop shop for all your business PBX IP phone system needs of your enterprise. Have the entire IP phone business software and the sought-after features your organization needs up and running without added cost.

Extend your reach. Scale easily with CompanyTone

Your business reach is growing, no excuse for your communication not to. Connect seamlessly with your branches anywhere in the world. Grew by 500 employees, no problem. No need for mods, extra modules or complicated set-up to scale-up. Simply add the no. of simultaneous calls required and your good to go.

Cloud-hosted UCaaS: The only modern phone system you will ever need

Have it up and running in matter of minutes! Easy installation guaranteed.

Monitor call logs, data and recordings.Set call record period at your behest.

Access it through a web-based dashboard and control everything from there.

Have detailed call reports to assess the performance of your team/department.

Seamless integration with your CRM

Make calls from your current contact list, local or international, by simply clicking directly from your CRM or with our phones system. We automate the process of dialing a number through your current CRM, regardless of country code. No need to dial, copy or paste!

Unify your communication Improve collaboration amongst your distant departments in order improve productivity and mobility. Have the UC (Unified Communication) feature available from the get-go with us. Have access to IM, web conferencing, voicemail to email, fax-to-PDF and much more at no added cost.