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Unlimited Extensions
There is no limit or charge for how many extensions you can create. All extensions are free and you can create as many as you want. There is also no extra fees for features like call recording, call forwarding, IVR, voice mail, music-on-hold, or any other. It is that good, really!
Audio Compression for Low Bandwidth
Using a slow internet connection and worried about audio quality? Don’t be! We support a special audio compression algorithm called G.729 Codec which will reduce bandwidth consumption without sacrificing audio quality.
Voice Mail

Whether you want to listen to your voice mails using your phone or have them sent to you as an attachment to your email address, 3CX helps you keep track of all voice mails and stay up-to-date with those important client requests he left while you were away.

Call Transfer
Transfer calls blindly to another extension or using Attendant Transfer. Attendant Transfer allows you to confirm with your receiving party if they want to accept the call or not before transferring it.
Call Queues
Call Queues are the heart of support, sales, and call centers. They allow you to attend to multiple callers in order and report on the performance of the agents in the queue and the queue in general. Statistics like how many callers are answered, how many dropped, how long did they wait for, and how long did they spend talking on the phone are all crucial statistics for any call center team working on keeping their SLAs in check.
Advanced Call forwarding
Leave your office with confidence that all calls will be attended to. 3CX allows you to setup advanced call forwarding rules to match any situation you want to deal with. Let that be forwarding the call to a colleague, sending the call to your mobile number, sending the call to voice mail, or playing a recorded message to the caller and terminate the call. 3CX will help forward your calls to where they should go.
Help your new agents do their work to it is best and appearing professional from day 1 by whispering the information they need to them without the customer hearing your voice.
Paging & Intercom
Get your public announcement across to one or more team members immediately. Simply pickup your line, dial a special code and start talking to all team members.
Missed Call Email Notification
Never miss missed calls! Get email notification for each call you miss indicating the caller ID, time, date, and ringing duration.
Dedicated DID
Assign direct phone numbers to your executives or critical teams to bypass the operator and the Interactive Voice Response and have direct line to people who matter.
Hold High Definition audio/video meetings with up to 25 participates directly from your web browser. No extra software or plugins needed. Share your screen, take keyboard & mouse control, run polls, invite participants or kick them out of your room all with a mouse click. Save on monthly payments to separate Webmeeting services and enjoy a superior experience with WebRTC & 3CX WebMeeting.
VPN When you Need It

CompanyTone allows you to connect your cloud phone system directly to your company infrastructure using site-to-site 256-bit IPSec VPN allowing you seamless communication between your users and your phone system. Using VPN enables you to avoid any blocking you might encounter from your Internet Service Provider.

Call Recording
Record audio calls from all extensions or from selected ones to improve quality of service, provide compliance, or enforce accountability. Call recordings can then be easily managed and accessed directly or from Call Reports.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) / Digital Receptionist
Offload the receptionist job to us and free your employee to do something more productive! Welcome your callers with a custom voice message and direct them through whatever options you like to automate the experience and make it more efficient.
Call Screening
Too many unwanted calls wasting your time and cutting your light of thought? Call Screening forces your callers to identify themselves first before accepting their phone call. Keep spam and unsolicited calls away from wasting your time and reducing affecting your productivity and your team’s.
Voice Mail
Whether you want to listen to your voice mails using your phone or have them sent to you as an attachment to your email address, 3CX helps you keep track of all voice mails and stay up-to-date with those important client requests he left while you were away.

Tune up your connection.

Unify your phone connections with our Software Solutions.
Call Conference
Improve collaboration and communication across your company with simple call conferencing. Quickly create an audio conference bridge and invite internal or external parties to join. You can also protect your audio conference with a PIN code or leave it open for anyone to join.
Unified Communication
Be aware of your team presence status to select the best way to communicate. Leave a message if they are on a call to call you back or call directly if they are available. Either by audio, video, or chat, 3CX allows you to pick the right method to deliver your message without interrupting the workflow.
CRM Integration
Easily integrate with any of the following platforms: Google Contacts, Exact Online, FreshDesk, Zendesk, EBP, Insighly, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Outlook, vTiger, DATEV, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Nutshell.
Queue WallBoard
Stay up-to-date in real-time with your agent’s performance from a single window showing all vital details of the queue like waiting callers, talk time, answered customers, abandoned calls, busy agents, and waiting time.
Central Phonebook
Stop using Excel to maintain your company contacts and save yourself the hassle of updating the file regularly. 3CX allows you to have a Central Phonebook for the entire company which integrates directly with your phone system helping you identify callers and offer them better service and personalized greetings.
Enable your customers to reach you, your sales team, support team or anyone else in the company with a single click. No numbers to dial, no phones needed. Simply place the Click2Meet link on your website or email signature and have your customers initial a WebMeeting with a single click on the link. Improve customer service and increase revenue with Click2Meet.
Mobile Phone for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
3CX softphone is available on Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android as well as Windows Phone.
Barge In
Intervene in a phone call directly to offer your help and input without waiting for the agent to invite you in.
Listen In
Monitor agent’s conversations while they are supporting customers to guarantee levels of services and quality standards are met.
Ring Groups
Call entire departments or groups using 1 number and have them ring one after the other or all at once to get hold of them.

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